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Sometimes goodbye is a second chance... right?

This story is an introduction to the First Family of Legalized marijuana.

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Honor: The Billionaire Bae

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Zea: I’d always been a hopeless romantic – well, I used to be.

Until I had to make a devastating decision.

See, I’m a Pastor’s daughter, and my loyalty to my family and church won.

It was apparent I didn’t support my ex’s new business venture, so I dipped.

I know it sounds crazy. And yes, I was often tormented by that decision. See, I was young and dumb then.

But the day we bumped into each other after eight long years, the LUST in his eyes told me we had UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

This time my actions screamed grown woman.

And, despite my past indiscretions towards this man.

He had me breaking all my rules… AGAIN.


Honor: Eight years ago, I had a breakthrough and a breakdown on the same day.

When my fiancé walked out of my life with no explanation, leaving me to figure it out.

I didn’t do relationships. I was dead inside.

Instead, I pushed myself to build a billion-dollar business with my siblings.

A legacy.

I vowed to see it through till the end.

Still, I never knew how I would respond if I saw her again… until it happened.

Her touch sent a warming shiver through me.

I had to punish her. I wanted to punish her.

But I couldn’t. See, she was giving me new life along with a reason to fight through my darkest days to come.

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Moving into the new year, Chelle Howard is offered a long-term position in Mazatlan, Mexico, to assist with the opening of Design-Build Houzz. She's been on a long road to recovery and believes this position will provide her with a much-needed solace to face her past transgressions.

However, when she realizes she's not going to be alone, Chelle is perturbed but decides to make the best with her unexpected guest—Zentavio Basir.

Knowing Zentavio is a dishonest and resentful man from uncovered truths, trusting him with her heart is her biggest worry to date.

If he could change one thing, it would be writing down his secret…

Zentavio Basir jumps at the opportunity of a lifetime to work abroad and spend time with a woman that intrigues him—Chelle Howard.

Unfortunately for Zentavio, he didn't act fast enough with the pure intention of burying his secret. And after Chelle discovers what he wanted to keep hidden, Zentavio finds himself troubled and overwhelmed but desperate to show Chelle that he is worth redemption.

All he needed was someone to steal his heart.

Overworked and fed up, William King takes a long overdue vacation.
Wanting some much-needed R&R, William is ready to let loose. When he sees her, Steal Dream, he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. How could they both be in Antigua at the same time?
And yes, Steal, his childhood friend, is all grown up and threatening to make William love again.

Steal welcomes her time away at a work conference as a distraction to get over her college beau and his childish ways. When she runs into William, Steal decides she’s ready for a real man. However, when she gets home, her ex decides he’s not prepared to call it quits.

Will William and Steal fall back into old ways when they return home or take a chance on new love?

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Thanksgiving will be a bit different this year, when OG, the family's matriarch, demands the family come together for the first time in years.

Family skeletons begin to crawl from their dark corners as the past comes for revenge. Generations of secrets threaten to be exposed once and for all.

With tensions at an all time high, food may be the last thing being served under this roof.

She never knew love until it was growing inside her.

Chance always paid the cost to be the boss of her empire. She was the epitome of strong. However, now pregnant and in uncharted waters, she's not so confident. Against her better judgment, Chance makes a lousy decision causing their world to collide.

True, Chance's husband realizes he's had many opportunities to get this marriage thing right. Is he ready to up the ante now that he will become a father?

Will the Fourloves receive a very special delivery in time for Christmas?
Christmas Chance is a Holiday Romance, HEA


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Tristan always gets the short end of the stick when it comes to dating. Take a ride with Tristan to see if she finds love on Bliss Way!