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Sometimes goodbye is a second chance... right?

This story is an introduction to the First Family of Legalized marijuana.

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Honor: The Billionaire Bae

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Hustle and heart set them apart. 

Spirit: My life was going nowhere with the Urban Spirits, Resort, Spa, and Dispensary, sending me on a mission to find my life’s purpose. 

When I met Indio Grey, a sexy, strong-minded man with a desire for sports, he took my breath away. 

When he showed me his vengeful heart, I knew he was forbidden. It caused me to back away. Still, I was intrigued. 

Determined to get myself on track, I opened up to the idea of dating. 

Indio: As the first deaf NBA player, I refused to accept the limitations that others placed on me. 

I wasn’t willing to settle. 

Spirit immediately disapproved of me and the rude ways I learned during the years I hid in my bubble. 

I learned early that I would have to do something extraordinary to earn love, so I never tried. The burdens of being in the NBA left me unaware of Spirit's affection. 

When entrepreneur, Brian Duncan, threatened to come between us, I had to act fast.


She was a jilted bride, he was a hothead, and they were both in the wrong story.

POWER: I took my job as the CSO, Chief Security Officer of Clover Root, highly seriously. Without a hitch, we’d transported thousands of dollars directly to the Federal Reserve for several years.

However, after a slip up with a security breach, I realized I needed to take some time off. After grabbing my backpack and lid, I hit the road with nothing but freedom on my mind.

Until a runaway bride in Vegas jumped on my bike and demanded my lid and my heart.

Right when I needed someone to protect.

ASPEN: I was a jilted bride. The dirty bum informed me by text an hour before the wedding was supposed to start. When our mothers threw their purses on the ground to fight each other, I knew I had to escape that place.

Running with no plan in mind, I hiked up my dress and hopped on a man's motorcycle sitting at the light.

I needed a hero to save me, even if only for one night.

Even though we were on the same frequency, I thought I’d never see him again.

But now, our stories were intertwined.


He found light in my darkness, and I found a place in his heart.

Valor: As the CFO for our multi-million dollar family business Clover Root, I was methodical with the financial tenacity to spot discrepancies. I had to be.

Yet, permanently broken-hearted, I was two different people, and I couldn't integrate them. There are two constants in my life, my best friend, Ariston, and this dark cloud that hovers over me, the one that ran every man I ever loved away.

I know I'll have to tell my parents about the breakup between David and me soon. But I don't want to disappoint them yet again. Especially as the oldest daughter, my parents pressured me to get married and have kids.

Ariston: Valor's been crying out about the men in her life, but she doesn't realize I've heard every word.

Splitting my time between being a single father and The Morning Vibe Breakfast Bar, I have to prove I can provide a stable home for my little man.

It seems like the perfect solution when Valor comes up with a plan to fake an engagement with me, giving her parents an instant grandchild and me a stable home for my son. But with my heart on the line, it's a win, win situation, or is it?

Zea: I’d always been a hopeless romantic – well, I used to be.

Until I had to make a devastating decision.

See, I’m a Pastor’s daughter, and my loyalty to my family and church won.

It was apparent I didn’t support my ex’s new business venture, so I dipped.

I know it sounds crazy. And yes, I was often tormented by that decision. See, I was young and dumb then.

But the day we bumped into each other after eight long years, the LUST in his eyes told me we had UNFINISHED BUSINESS.

This time my actions screamed grown woman.

And, despite my past indiscretions towards this man.

He had me breaking all my rules… AGAIN.


Honor: Eight years ago, I had a breakthrough and a breakdown on the same day.

When my fiancé walked out of my life with no explanation, leaving me to figure it out.

I didn’t do relationships. I was dead inside.

Instead, I pushed myself to build a billion-dollar business with my siblings.

A legacy.

I vowed to see it through till the end.

Still, I never knew how I would respond if I saw her again… until it happened.

Her touch sent a warming shiver through me.

I had to punish her. I wanted to punish her.

But I couldn’t. See, she was giving me new life along with a reason to fight through my darkest days to come.


They bonded over wine and sweet words. 

Kane Amore is an incredible, down-to-earth woman studying abroad in Paris. She finds herself troubled by the decision to take the Master Sommelier exam and becomes overwhelmed until she meets Seven Smith, a handsome man with a passion for wine. 

Seven takes an instant disliking to another student who tries to bully Kane. He springs into action, offering to tutor her. 

She finds Seven is generous at heart and falls for him. But, the pressures of family leave Seven blind to Kane’s affections.


Will they ever find the tender love they deserve?

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Thanksgiving will be a bit different this year, when OG, the family's matriarch, demands the family come together for the first time in years.

Family skeletons begin to crawl from their dark corners as the past comes for revenge. Generations of secrets threaten to be exposed once and for all.

With tensions at an all time high, food may be the last thing being served under this roof.

All bets on deck

When Dr. Christos Gallo, better known as Dr. Shallow Gallo, loses a bet with his best friend, he has to invite the next woman that walks into the hospital cafeteria to the Wine and Positive Promotions Event.

This should be a breeze because the lady who walks through the door ends up being a new employee no one knows. And although she’s a little curvy for his liking, he’s always up for a friendly wager.

New in town, Dr. Peyton Rowland feels readily accepted when she’s immediately asked to the promotions event. She accepts the offer, not knowing his shallow ways.

Only Christos’s best friend fails to disclose that the event is a three-day cruise. Christos decides to let loose and attempts to make the best of things. However, after Peyton

saves a choking patron and is nominated to become the Chief of Surgery, becoming his boss, she ultimately steals his heart and job. There’s no way Christos can win.


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